Sikh Personalities of Kashmir

A tribute to a sikh parcharak S. Kaviraj singh Ji ‘Missionary’ from Srinagar- Kashmir

Gursikh meet chalo gur chalee,jo gur kahee soaiee bhall manyoo,har har katha niralee ]]

A tribute to a sikh parcharak in Kashmir on Gurpurab 05-07-2012, Srinagar Kashmir

S. Kaviraj Singh ‘Parchark’ , a sikh missionary , whose contribution in sikh society living in kashmir is still as fresh as dew on rose. His proper guidance and direction for adopting true gurmat – sikh way of living is commendable.Today, sizeable gursikh population in Kashmir and their gurmat way of life, is due to his sincere efforts. His vision of teaching Gurmukhi and Gurbani at grass root level in every nook and corner of Kashmir had proved far reaching positive effects. Preaching of panth Parvanit Rehat Maryada published by Akal Takht – Sri Amritsar and it’s usage in personnel life was his priority.

At a very young age he showed interest in religious matters and learned as well memorised several Bani’s. He visited many Gurdwara Sahibs outside Kashmir and held discussions with great personalities of Sikh Panth. While residing in Kashmir he remained constantly in touch with Sikh Missionary College, Ludhiana. Under his able guidance and sincere efforts Gurmat classes were formulated and initiated in every village and sikh residential areas of Srinagar city. Many young boys and girls who were convinced by the preachings of S. Kaviraj Singh, assisted Sikh Missionary College in running various projects for benefit of sikh society. His contributions by way of conducting gurmat classes is remarkable