A common sight in the city these days is Sikhs distributing chilled rose milk to passers-by on the roadsrose milk on scorching summer afternoons. At a time when drinking water seems expensive, they are distributing flavoured milk for free. Setting up temporary camps across Delhi, they work tirelessly to ensure they can reach out to as many people as they can. With a smile on their faces, they hand over glasses after glasses to pedestrians, rikshaw-pullers, two-wheeler riders and anyone with a parched throat. And they do it without obligation. Without discrimination. Without moral arrogance.

The same selfless desire of service is seen when they work in the Gurdwaras, the place of worship of Sikhs. There are middle-aged well-to-do men mopping the floors; women in finery making chappatis in the kitchen for the langar where anybody and everybody irrespective of caste, class and religion is welcome. Kids run with buckets of dal serving anyone whose plate is empty. They work in the Gurdwara with as much sincerity and devotion as they would at their homes serving their close friends and family.