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The Beauty Of Jap Ji Sahib

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he Beauty of Jap Ji Sahib A Poetic Rendition Part 6 Pauree 17 Countless, chant Your Name; countless are filled with your love. Countless, perform rituals; countless more practice austerities. Countless, recite the Vedas aloud. Countless are those who practice yoga, renouncing the world. Countless, practice devotion, and contemplate Your virtues. Countless seek the Truth; […]

How The Sikh Concept Of ‘Seva’ Is Making This World A Better Place

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A common sight in the city these days is Sikhs distributing chilled rose milk to passers-by on the roads on scorching summer afternoons. At a time when drinking water seems expensive, they are distributing flavoured milk for free. Setting up temporary camps across Delhi, they work tirelessly to ensure they can reach out to as […]